Friday, June 17, 2011

Herbal Incense Review : Wicked X Review : Wintergreen (8/10)

Last week I ordered the Wicked X Herbal Potpourri Sampler which includes: Blueberry, Strawberry, Wintergreen, Grape, and Original aromas. Today I'll be reviewing the Wintergreen!

I knew I wanted to get some more Wicked X but I wasn't sure which aroma to get. When I was browsing around the Wicked X Official Website I noticed the Sampler pack could get me FIVE 1.5g (7.5g) containers for just $99.95 when only 5g of any single flavor would cost just as much. So I'm getting 50% free!

The Wicked X : Wintergreen blend smells amazing. Hands down the freshest herbal incense blend smell that I've ever smelled. The taste doesn't QUITE match the minty fresh smell, but its close enough.

Potency: Wicked X is already known for its potency. Wicked X Wintergreen is a great choice for any enjoyer of incense. Its not too extreme, but not weak. Its perfect in my opinion.(8/10)

Overall I'd say I'm happier with the Wicked X Wintergreen flavor than the Wicked X Blueberry flavor. The intensity of the high was the same, which I've rated as an overall 8/10. It is definitely worth checking this blend out.
Click here to visit the Wicked X Website.


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