Thursday, May 19, 2011

Herbal Incense Review: K2 Sky (8/10)

I just tested out the expensive K-2 Sky incense and I've got to say, woah! It does cost roughly $19 per gram, I spent around $60 on this 3g bag. The package is a pretty nice, its silver with a blue emblem sticker and is kind of transparent.

The K2 Sky incense is legal in all 50 states and contains no products covered by any current ban. The ingredients for K2 Sky has not been made public like the original K2 was. The K2 company will be keeping the incense blend a secret for as long as they can to make it harder for fakes and counterfeiters. Another way the K2 manufacturer is staying away from counterfeiters is by only offering most products online through their official site, but they have a list of authentic retailers. Check out this link for more information:

The consistency of this blend is pretty similar to actual marijuana, definitely not as sticky and ground up as the Barely Legal incense and potpourri but still fits a bowl pretty well. The aroma is light and mellow, and the potency of the effect is surprisingly powerful. Not as strong as Barely Legal, but lasts about 15 minutes longer.

Ingredients of this herbal blend seems to be:
Canavalia rosea, Clematis vitalba, Pedicularis grandifolia, Heimia salicifolia, Leonurus sibiricus, Nelumbo nucifera & Ledum palustre
 K2 Incense Blends Official Site

Read my Herbal Incense (aka: Legal Weed) article to learn about the recent ban. None of the products reviewed on my site contain banned chemicals.


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