Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Herbal Incense Review: Flame Incense : Strawberry Fields (8.5 / 10)

Flame Incense : Strawberry Fields
Today this herbal incense review will be on Flame Incense : Strawberry Fields. I went out today and picked up another jar or container of Flame herbal incense, except instead of Purple Nurple or Bubble Berry Blue I went for the Strawberry Fields blend. The container states that the incense blend is not for human consumption, is sealed by a sticker, and has a pretty cool Flame graphic. The Flame Incense blends come in 3g and 5g containers.

Twisting off the top of the container was easy, just twist hard. If you can't open it that way, try a knife and just cut the sticker along where the lid and the container meet, then twist.
The first thing I noticed after getting the lid off was the smell! This blend smells just like what you would think of when you hear the name Strawberry Fields. I couldn't believe how great it smelled.

The potency Flame Incense : Strawberry Fields is powerful, so if you're not a regular smoker, just start with a small amount and wait good 5-10 minutes before going for more. I wouldn't say this blend of Flame is as powerful as Barely Legal ( Click here to see my Barely Legal incense blend review ), but its up there with the old greats like Mr. Nice Guy. While the sheer strength isn't as much as Barely Legal, it lasts much long. This blend had me feeling good for about 45 minutes, about twice as long as Barely Legal, about the same as K2 Sky.

The Flame Incense hits you almost instantly, and really hits you within about 5 minutes. The feeling is pretty laid back and had me feeling ready to do something instead of watching a movie or something. Very energetic high.


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